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April 23, 2011


I'm happy about this...

{countdown till I get to see my big Sister} 

I'm happy that I was actually able to get an appointment at the tanning salon twice this week. They're so damn busy they haven't had any openings.

With every thing that's been going on with Rusty the last few days I'm happy that he at least opened up to my Godchild (his Cousin). I'm still not sure what happened with him and the gf, but my Godchild assured me he's OK.

I'm happy that hubby and I have the day to ourselves tomorrow. Next weekend he's going to be out of town at for at least one day picking up some parts for my car.

I'm happy that all the seeds that I planted a couple of weeks ago are finally coming up! I love seeing new plants coming up!

What I've really been happy about lately is all my crafting. I promised that I'd post some pics of my creations. A lot of this stuff I found links for tutorials to make them on One Pretty Thing. If you've never checked that site out before...go there as soon as you finish oohing and ahhing over all my pretty stuff lol. Seriously, they've got some  hella cute stuff, and a little something for everyone. (Be sure to go through their archives, you wont regret it!) It's my new addiction! Some of these I've posted before, I figured I have some new followers who haven't seen them and might like something enough to want to try to make it for themselves!

 {book thong}

Lol I think it's funny they call it a book thong. It was fun and easy to make.

 {recycled t shirt scarf}

I made quite a few of these as gifts. They're super easy to make but dayum did my hands hurt afterwards lol!

{"stained glass" candle holders}

I decided to do these in "Easter" (ish) colors. I like how they turned out though I wish I would have done the circles a bit smaller.

{I love this saying!}

I didn't have to do anything to "make" this one. Just print it out and frame it lol!

 {my "famous" name frames}

Lol they're famous with my friends and family. They love them! I've made one for myself, my MIL, my SIL and my Godchild (in purple, the other girl standing in the pic is also my Niece!) for her bridal shower. She loved it too!

{washer necklaces}

These aren't as easy to make as you'd think. They're very time consuming too. I have a whole box of them that I left in Louisiana the last time I was there. My sister and I were supposed to do some work with them (add more beads and stuff) and I didn't have room in my suitcase to bring them home. I need to have my Dad send them to me so I can sell them lol. I probably have over 100 of them.

Next, various magnets that I've been making... 

 {scrabble tile magnets}

These I just sanded a bit and then mixed some black Folk Art paint with water and brushed it on the tiles and then wiped most of it off, added a dab of glue (E600 is amazeballs) and a magnet on the back.

{clothes pin magnets}

I actually made a boo boo when I was making these. I was supposed to cut the scrapbook paper to cover the entire length of the clothes pin, but I only cut them to cover up to the metal clip thingy. So I just covered the other part with glitter. I think they turned out ok!

{just a bunch of different ones}

I love the keep calm and bake on one. That thing probably has 20 magnets glued to the back of it cause the frame is so heavy lol. The Sanctuary Vineyards one is a bag from The Cotton Gin in the OBX when we stopped to pick up a bottle of their blackberry wine once on our way to the beach.    

The pink/yellow/orange one and the green D one are both those promotional magnets that you get from places like pizza joints or insurance companies. I just covered them with scrapbook paper and then added embellishments to them.

The glass (flat back) marbles I glued scrapbook paper to the back and then added a magnet.

The small lock is just a cute lock that my mom gave me years ago that I'd always kept in my jewelry box (I have no idea why). I glued a magnet to it and's a magnet. The other little jewelry thingy is just a piece of costume jewelry that I found in my jewelry box and I have no idea where it came from.

{hot/cold rice packs)

These things are so damn easy to make and I'm addicted to mine. I keep mine in the freezer but you can also put them in the microwave if you need a heat pack. I can't tell you how many times I've taken mine to bed with me when I'm having a flare up (Fibromyalgia). They're also really good (for me) when I have a migraine. Not to mention, they come in damn handy when/if you're having a hot flash. Just sayin'!

Various ceramic tile coasters that I've made 

{I made all of these out of some of the cards that hubby and I have give to each other over the years} 

{a close up of a couple of them} 

 {this is one of the ones I made from recycled xmas cards we've gotten}

 {photo ceramic tile coasters that I made for my SIL for xmas}

The next set of coasters are a set that hubby and I had and that we use most of the time. They were just your basic wood & cork coasters like the first pic.  We'd used them so much that the cork was starting to peel off of them. So I peeled it all out of the center and glued scrapbook paper in them then filled them with diamond glaze. I love that stuff lol.

 {I loved the way these turned out}

When I saw the idea for this on One Pretty Thing I knew I was going to try this one! I hate having that plain bottle of dish detergent sitting on my sink. I knew I had the bottle already so all I had to get was the pouring spout thingy. But you may notice that I have a cork in the bottle lol... 

{doesn't this look much better than the plain detergent bottle?}

I picked up the pouring spout at our local grocery store (because I didn't feel like going to Wal Mart) and got it home and it's too big for my bottle. So I need to get a new bottle dang it. 

You might notice that I have some of those flat bottom marbles in the bottom of the bottle. I read that it helps to make the detergent come out faster. I also read (after I'd made it) that Peir 1 has better pouring spouts than Wal Mart, so I may order one from them. I'm not driving all the way to Va Beach to go to Pier 1 y'all lol.   

These next two things are some of my favorites. I'm totally addicted to chalk board paint now. WARNING: YOU WILL BECOME ADDICTED TO THIS PAINT!!!! {lol}

I want to paint damn near everything in my house with it lol. (Forgive my handwriting, I was having a bad fibro day!) 

 {silver serving tray turned chalk board}

I'd seen lots of tutorials for these trays. Some people used silver trays. (Most silver trays are silver plated.) Some used "silver" trays that they bought at the Dollar Store. Mine is silver (plated) and the first time I painted  it the paint peeled off. Grrr So I had to go and buy some kind of primer that the girl working at Lowe's suggested. Once I primed it and got the chalk board paint on it was fine! 

 {chalk board flower pots}

Like I warned you, I'm so addicted to this damn paint that I went and got every single one of our terra cotta pots (we have a bunch, hubby does bonsai trees lol) and painted them with it! 

That's what I'm happy about, how about you? Go link up with Mamarazzi and let us all know what's on your happy list!


Mamarazzi said...

wow you ARE the framed cute!

VandyJ said...

You're so crafty, I'm all thumbs when it comes to that kind of stuff. I love the magnets.

dddiva said...

So glad I stopped by from mamarazzi- loving it, I so need to get crafty again. Thanks for sharing the pics.

Conni said...

a book thong, that is too funny, I will never look at my bookmark the same again

You stuff looks great, love the clothes pin magnets, never can have too mnay magnets when there are children in the house, so much to show off on the fridge

Thanks for sharing

MiMi said...

I'll take one of each please.


Not kidding, either.


LOVE your crafts. Tshirt scarf?! That is freaking awesome. I've been wondering what to do with my fat clothes!

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