Judgment Day

April 16, 2011

Judgment Day by Wanda L Dyson is a good page turner. It's a fast paced thrill-ride suspense novel that kept my attention from beginning to end.

Suzanne Kidwell is a selfish, self-centered journalist who doesn't mind stretching the truth to get good ratings. She has her own cable news show "Judgment Day" in which she investigates businessmen, politicians, and prominent people for the lies they tell and the secrets they keep. Her shoddy investigation tactics, questionable ethics and lack of fact checking have her employers questioning her credibility.

While investigating a string of missing teenagers, she finds herself in a mess of trouble. Her troubles begins when her boyfriend is killed in a fiery "accident" that she quickly realizes was meant for her. Then, after the police find someone murdered on her living room floor she is arrested for murder.

In order to prove that she's innocent she hires the best private investigator she can find, he also happens to be her ex-fiance' who's heart she broke in college, Marcus and his partner Alexandria reluctantly agree to take the case and Suzanne is forced to show questionable ethics and they're not cutting her any slack. Someone wants Suzanne dead and they have to keep her alive long enough to prove her innocence.

Personally, Suzanne wasn't a character that I think the author meant for you to like all that much. She's cold hearted and self centered. She doesn't care who she hurts on her climb to the top. I did like that even though you knew who the culprit was you didn't know what he was going to do next, or when the PI's were going to figure it out.

Kidnapping, murder, crooked politicians, wealthy power players, organ harvesting, and even hints of romance and humor... this book has it all.

I was honestly surprised at the lack of editing in this book. The back cover is totally wrong. They name the wrong person that is murdered and they even got his occupation wrong. But, if you're looking for a quick read that will keep you interested, then this is a good book for you! A great rainy day book.

I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review


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