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February 19, 2011

Yeah, I changed the layout...again. Y'all know me, I can't keep one layout for long, I get bored. I think I'll keep this one for a while though lol. So, what do ya think? Like it? Not like it? Let me know, I'm curious!

I know that my blog entries have been a bit on the depressing side lately, such is life. I do want to change that, but sometimes life just gets in the way.

Hubs and I have decided to just take the week that his parents are (going to be) here in stride and not let it get to us. Oh...we've also decided that we'll be making some "day trips" quite a bit that week. Lol...hubs has been so aggravated the last few days that he decided he just had to"let it go!"

It's not always as easy for me, but I've decided to follow his plan. I can't keep holding it in, I've just got to let it go. It's not healthy for me to hold my feelings in. Having Fibromyalgia sometimes dictates what I can and can't let go of. Because when I get all wound up, all stressed out...I have a flare up. I have to make a choice to let go. So, that's what I'm doing.

As long as hubs and I are on the same page, I'm all good. It helps to know that I'm not alone in the way that I feel though.

Hubby's PS3 crashed last night. I thought I was going to see a grown man cry. He's been working on it ever since and it's still not working right. Guess there's a new one in our future soon lol.

My sister called me on Thursday to tell my that my Godchild's (the one who just got married last month) step mother passed away suddenly. She stopped breathing and was rushed to the hospital and (from what I understand) passed away a couple of hours later. She was only 48 years old.

I'd just seen her at Destiny's wedding and she looked fine, healthy and happy. I feel so bad for my ex bro in law, he adored that woman! I also feel bad for Destiny, she thought a lot of Phyllis and she was good to Des! She took really good care of her.  I'm so proud of Des though, she's being so strong for her Daddy. She's taking care of him.

From what my Sister told me they think it was liver failure. Apparently she didn't even know there was anything wrong with her liver. How crazy is that? Anyway...I thought I'd share some pics from the wedding of Phyllis and Russell (Destiny's Dad and Step Mom).

I mean, how healthy does she look? These pics were take a month ago. It's hard to imagine that you can have liver failure and not know it, that you can be here one minute and gone the next. Though I know it happens every day. Such a sad situation.

One of the girls that I used to work with her lost her husband on the same day, he'd been having health problems for the last few years. They were married for 36 years. My heart just breaks for her.

Makes me realize how thankful I should be (and I am) for what I have in my life. You just never know!

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Dee Stephens said...

Yes. you just never know. Sorry for the loss.

My Aimless Infatuation said...

That is so so sad. Sometimes we all forget to be thankful for our blessing's. Who is the other lady in red? They look like twins. Have a good night and catch ya later.

Anonymous said...

That is just so sad! And she does look so healthy. Gosh, thats just scary.

MiMi said...

That is horrible! I hear these sorts of things all the time and it's just amazingly sad.

Marguerite said...

Love the new layout! Glad that you and hubs have decided to "let it go". It'll be over before you know it.

So sorry to hear about Destiny's step-Mom. You're right, she looks so good and healthy in the wedding pics. Each day really is a gift.

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