I've been a crafting fool...a photo entry.

December 3, 2010

 I've been making a bunch of crafts in the last couple of weeks. Some for myself, some are going to be xmas presents. I've been having a lot of fun with it and wanted to show y'all some of them, but first...a few random pics from the last couple of weeks.

The pugs bath time. They LOVE taking baths. Whoever isn't the first to go in the tub will sit and supervise Hubby while the bathes the other. They'll also sit and cry almost the entire time. Drives hubby nuts. I'm so glad he bathes them...it kills my back bending over that damn tub!! ♥ him!

{good job Daddy}

{I need a closer look}

{is it my turn yet?}

{oh yeah...that's the spot}


{stop with the damn pics already}

{I mean it}

{Gidgette napping with Daddy}

{new tatt is almost healed...and his hair is growing back in lol}

I put up the tree a couple of days ago, so I decided to take some pics of my favorite ornaments. I've never been one of those people who has to have my tree just perfect. My ornaments are a mish mash of  different times in my {and hubby's} life. If I had my way, I'd have a real tree every year...but hubby hates them {and the mess}. And since he's usually the one who takes it down...I don't mind the fake tree lol.

My SIL gave me this one on Thanksgiving. She picked it up at a thrift store for us. Our last name begins with a Y {in case you didn't pick up on that lol}. 

The ornament above and the one below were my Mom's. They're the only two I have left. Somehow they've all gotten broken over the years. 

{had to have a Harley on the tree} I think one of hubby's daughters got him this for xmas one year! 

{I like this one just because it's "funky"} 

{Rusty made this one in high school in his freshman year} 

I am the daughter of a Vet.
The wife of a Vet.
And the daughter in law of a Vet. 

{We support our troops around the world} 

{I love these little crystal ones because of the way the colored lights shine off of them} 

{My big Sister Denise got me this one year. My Sister, My Friend.}

Now, about the crafts... every year when hubby takes down the tree and packs it all up he always takes the xmas card that we got for that xmas and packs them in the ornaments box. I took them this year and made some coasters out of them. {I did the same thing with a bunch of the cards that hubby and I had given to each other over the years, that's the coasters we normally use} I thought they'd be cute to have out during the holidays. 

{Lol loved this one! BIL sent this to hubby and I. Inside it said "Well, you said you never get shit from Santa!"} 

{This one is crooked as hell lol} 

I'm still not finished with them...I still need to spray some clear spray paint on top of them to seal them and put some cork or those little pad thingys on the bottom so they wont scratch the furniture.

This is the scarves that I've started making. Hubby's daughter asked me to make her a purple/white/grey one for her, so this one is for her..

The next crafts are xmas gifts so if you're my SIL {I don't think I've ever told her my blog addy, but just in case!!!} STOP READING NOW...PLEASE!

Sometime last year I made one of these frames for our house and my SIL loved it, so I made her one for xmas. Shhhh...I'm also making one for my MIL. She's wanted once since she saw mine lol. A good friend of mine also asked me to help her make one for her parents. I really should start selling them lol. 

I wanted to make something to go with SIL's frame so I made her these coasters. I think she's going to love these!! 

{Our Niece Abi...how gorgeous is she?} 

{Our Nephew KJ...in a couple of years his parents are going to be beating the girls off with a stick! He's adorable!} 

{SIL and BIL...I swear, I've never seen a man more in love with his wife. They're an adorable couple. They're one of those couples who'll still be together when they're 80!!} 

{Our Pug in laws lol...Joba and Monty. I told y'all that we're a Pug lovin' family!} 

{Their family at our wedding almost two years ago} 

{I love this pic of the two of them! They're so funny!}

Well, that's the crafts I've been making. Have y'all been making any goodies? If so, what? 


Dee Stephens said...

Love the family name picture! I've seen those in stores! I would pay you to make us one!

MiMi said...

I LOVE YOUR CRAFTS!!!! I want to make some coasters, who the hell would think to use old Christmas cards?? NOT ME! But they're great!!
And I love the letter pictures...they always look so classy, I think. :)

starnes family said...

Pugs are so pretty.

Love your crafts. Good stuff!

I often make Martha's sewing ring card wreath as gifts. Inexpensive and everyone loves them. A great present for teachers, neighbors, friends, etc.

Hanna said...

Hi Dee. Thanks for your comment on my meat pies. Yeah, we miss New Orleans terribly and a lot of our family is still there too. We lost everything in Katrina and had to relocate and never moved back:( WE are still die hard LSU and Saints fans:)

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