November 14, 2010

I know, I'm slacking on the whole posting deal. I just haven't had a whole lot to say lately. Imagine that! Anywhatever...I'm just gonna post some short thoughts rambling around in this head of mine.

* Hubby has been fixing little things on my car the last couple of weeks. Since the weather was so nice yesterday we decided to jump in the car and head out to the beach (OBX). We stopped at the gas station to fill up my car. The guy who was pumping gas next to us looked under my car and told hubby "Umm...your gas is going all over the ground, you've got a leak somewhere!" Guess that would explain why I get a buzz from the fumes every time I drive my car. lol. Needless to say we drove the car straight home and parked it, jumped in the truck and headed to the beach.

* Hubby's road rage yesterday was driving me out of my mind. Yeah, it's a short trip! Though I can understand. When a 90 year old man pulls out in front of you without ever looking it can piss you off!

* While at the beach we decided to hit some thrift shops. Hubby bought a $400 stereo, for $7.99. I got an awesome picture frame for $2.99. ♥ me some thrift stores!

*  Hubby had to go buy a floor jack and jack stands to fix the gas leak on my car. $140 later he now has shiny new toys. Not to mention one wrench that he needed to fix something else cost $170. For a wrench y'all. A wrench. Crazy.

* Christmas is fast approaching. Yuck.

* Next weekend we're driving to Charlotte to pick up my Inlaws, they'll be here for two months (the holidays).

*  That's all I've got to say...for now!


MiMi said...

Two months with the inlaws?!

Marguerite said...

Wow, you were lucky that someone noticed the gas leak and that no one lit a cigarette around your car. I would have it checked out, just to be sure! In laws for two months? Girl, you are a saint! lol

Dee Stephens said...

Charlotte? umm...?

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