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November 18, 2010

I swear y'all, I don't know what's up with my blogging mojo. It keeps disappearing on me. I keep sitting down to write a blog entry but words fail me. There's not a whole lot going on in my life right now that's worthy of writing about really. I mean there's lots I could say, but like I said....words fail me!

{Love that saying!}

Any way, in the last couple of days I've come to realize a few things I thought I'd share! You know, in case you're totally interested in what floats around in this brain of mine (scary...I know).

♥ I hate love my Bissell Little Green machine! Damn thing comes in handy.

Since we're going to pick up my in laws this weekend I decided yesterday that I should probably shampoo my furniture. It always looks so good right after I do it. Then these little buggers climb up on it

 {they ♥ their "Daddy}

and instantly it's covered in dog hair and Pug smells(eww)!

♥ Speaking of shampooing furniture... can I just say that microfiber furniture SUCKS! (especially if you have pets who shed hair like they're going through chemo or something...just sayin')

{that rug is horrendous}  

Next time we buy new furniture...we're are buying leather!

{swoon...so gorgeous} 

It's so much easier to care for and keep clean. And hell...the dog hair would just wipe off instead of sticking to it like a magnet!


You wouldn't believe the amount of hair that sweep up on a daily basis. I've thought about taking of a pic of it, but it would gross you (and me) out lol. You're welcome!

I'm amazed that they have any hair left on them.  Really, I am!

♥ Speaking of our Pugs (and their shedding)....

{they forgot shedding}  

 I've contemplated shaving them. But they would just look nasty lol.

{poor baby} 

♥ For the record...Never, under any circumstances should you Google "bald pug." Lol No, it's not what you think. But you'll totally fall in love! Don't believe me??? Just take a look at these examples...

{I's spoild}
{I'm a badass Pug...no really!}
{you will love me}
{dude! don't sneak up on me like that} 
{is that a snack?}
{just like a snowball}
{huh? whut?}
 {I'll pay you back for this}
Don't say I didn't warn you lol! Anycutepugs....there was one pic that was slightly disturbing!
{Pug porn...shame on you}

Who takes pics like this? Hell who even thinks of and sets up a "photo shoot" like this? And not to mention...how in the hell did they get them to "pose" like that? My damn pugs wouldn't sit still long enough for me to snap the pic. Hell...they see a camera and they want to come and smell the damn thing lol.

♥ While shampooing the furniture I messed up my shoulder. Well, I guess I shouldn't say "messed up." It's just my fibromyalgia flaring up, in a major damn way. Note to self: You're getting old damn it. Stop that now!

♥ Have you heard Will Smith's daughters new song? Willow Smith "I whip my hair back and forth"? THE MOST IRRITATING SONG EVER!! Second only to (maybe) the Macarana! Uugh.

♥ Mr Gorgeous has started coaching wrestling at the local high school. One of his good friends is the coach and asked him to help him out. He's loving it, though he's beginning to realize that he's getting old too lol.

♥ Speaking of Mr Gorgeous, his class ended yesterday. That means he's off until the first of the (next) month when he'll get a new batch of students. I'm looking forward to having him home and spending some time with him.
{my happily ever after}

I love that his schedule gives him a couple of weeks off every now and then. You'll never hear me complain about spending time with him. Well...OK...if it's in a vehicle and his road rage is flaring at full force lol. 

♥ Why do television producers insist on finding the craziest Cajun people they can to put on TV? The other day I was waching Judge Joe Brown (don't judge me) and there was a (Cajun) man on there who was cussing (and making an ass out of himself) so much that he was fined over $800 (by the judge) for contempt of court before they were finished. *shakes head...don't they realize they're making us Cajun's look bad?*  

{I don't think we needed the help lol}

♥ Speaking of crazy Cajuns...

My sister's bf and his two brothers are all (very) talented singers. I could sit and listen to them for hours. One of his brothers makes a lot of  (comedy/singing) videos, he usually uploads them to youtube and then post them on FB. He dresses up as a character that he calls "Cooyon Duhon." (pronouned coo-yawn doo-yawn. Duhon is his last name.)

You may or not know that Cajuns have their own language (slang), and if you're not from there...you wont understand (or know how to pronounce) most of it. It's a skill people! Here's the definition of Cooyon (at Urban Dictionary). 

Anycraycajuns....here's one of my favorite videos of his...

"I Can't Survive Obama"

He's becoming a Youtube star. I see his videos all over FB now lol. If you'd like to check out some of his other (hilarious) videos you can go here. (FYI...those are NOT his real teeth lol)

Well y'all, thanks for reading a little bit of the madness that's rolling around in this "cooyon" head of mine lol. 


Marguerite said...

For not having any words, you sure whipped out a great post! LOL Omg, I'm laughing so hard, I'm crying! I'd never heard of Cooyon Duhon! Thanks for the introduction! LOL Hilarious! Loved the pug pics,too! Cheers, cher!

MiMi said...

Know what I forgot? My inlaws are coming this weekend too. Know what else? We thought they were leaving Saturday. Well, I thought they were. My hubs is such a wishful thinker that he thought they were leaving tomorrow. Getting here and leaving tomorrow. The same day.
But I guess they aren't leaving until at least Sunday. OMG.

That One Mom said...

Bwahaha! you're so random, but I'm with you on the leather furniture!

Louisiana Belle said...

Two years ago we went with leather furniture because of our 3 dogs. I do not regret it one bit; in fact, it is a lifesaver. Just moisturize it once a month or so and you're done.

Cooyon! I haven't heard that in ages. It means, "idiot" right? Love Cajun speak. And miss it.

Dee Stephens said...

I've thought about shaving Buddy too but he would look dumb! He sheds like a MOFO! We have leather for the most part but we do have one chair that is cloth and that happens to be his chair. It's nasty.

June said...

Oh the love a of Pug! I would go crazy with the dog hair too!!

Enjoy the time with Hubby before the inlaws show up.
Hugs and miss you!!

ClosedOnSunday said...

I want a pug soooooooooooo badly! But, we have a 4-year-old dog right now, & she wouldn't not adjust well to another dog stealing the spotlight. And so, maybe someday...

BTW - Bruce Springsteen was on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday. Jimmy dressed up like Neil Young, & they sang "Whip My Hair" all serious & such. Hilarious! The video is probably on Jimmy's website. You should check it out.

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