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October 18, 2010

The weekend that I was supposed to leave Louisiana to come home my Aunt Betty, cousin Michael and his wife April decided to come to Louisiana for a family visit. They're the only family I have left on my Mom's side (besides Aunt Betty's other two kids who didn't come). I hadn't seen my Aunt since my Mom's funeral (11 years) and my cousin Michael since my ex and I got married (15 years). So I had to stay for another week, I couldn't just leave and come home knowing they were on their way.

Too bad the day she got there is the day that I fell in my sisters yard. I didn't realize it until the next day that I had a black eye (that only got worse by the day) and my chest was killing me. It wasn't until two days after I fell that I couldn't take the chest pain anymore and went to the ER. One broken rib, 4 fractured ribs. Ouch. If you've never broken a rib...DON'T! Shit hurts. Still hurts lol. I guess that's what I get for bragging the week before that I was 41 and had never broken a bone! Karma y'all!!

The day after I fell. Notice the nice green bruise that goes down my cheek. So cute. Not.

Three days later. Uugh...walk around with a black eye y'all. People look at you like "Oh poor thing! Her husband must have been the shit out of her!" Lol...

Once I got back to North Carolina I had an appointment with my dr here and told her what happened. She thinks I may have broken/fractured something in my still hurts to touch it. So if it's still this sore in two weeks I have to go get it Xrayed along with my ribs again! Only I could be this clumsy...on vacation!

Anyblackeyes, my Aunt Betty is 60 years old and (to me) she looks amazing! She came out with us, drank with us (she drank my ass under the damn table!!) and even danced with us!

April (Michael's wife), Aunt Betty, Denise and I out at a local bar. Whew...they wore me out y'all! I was the first one to go "home" for the night. I can't hang with them lol.

Aunt Betty, April and Michael...passing a good time.

 Lmao the later it got, the blurrier the pics seemed to get. And the "looser" Aunt Betty got haha.

Michael was trying to tell her to look at the didn't work lol.

Get it Aunt Betty!

Woot! Woot!

Aunt Betty was a rollin' stone! (And Denise lol)

Don't stop get it get it!

We had a blast while they were there (for the most part). Denise (my sister), Ronnie (her bf) and I took them to the karaoke bar one night. My cousin Michael got up and sang (turns out he sang one of my favorite songs without even knowing it!), and once he got past his nerves he did pretty damn good.

Aunt Betty and I

Denise and Aunt Betty

Michael and I

Michael and April

Mike singing (duhh lol)

Oh he wanted to KILL me lol

Here's a video of him singing one of my favorite songs...

My BIL Tomy took them out on an airboat one of the days that they were there, I was bummed that they didn't have enough room in the boat for me! I've never been on an airboat and I've always wanted to go in one...though it would probably scare the hell out of me lol!

On my Nephew's birthday we all went out to dinner. We had a wonderful time!! It was really like a mini family reunion even though two of my cousin's couldn't be there.

Diann (my sister) and my BIL Tomy

Me, the Mack Daddy birthday boy (my Nephew Eric) and Aunt Betty

Daddy and Aunt Betty

My Godchild Destiny and her fiance' Brock

The one (and apparently only) pic that I have of Rusty and I from the entire time I was there lol. Don't you just love the "raccoon eyes)

Eric and his girlfriend Kimmie

My Niece Amanda (with her new boobs lol) and her hubby Luis

Diann, Eric and Denise (Eric's Mom)

Diann and Eric

 Eric and I

Michael and April

Everything was going fine with out visit with Aunt Betty and them (besides Aunt Betty and April not getting along too well the entire time they were there!) until my sister Diann's Dad arrived into town. I wont go into the whole story now...I'll save it for another blog entry. But let me just say...I don't take kindly to people talking about my Mom in any kind of all.

Anydrama...back to the pics... the rest of these were taken the day that Aunt Betty and the crew left to go back to Tennessee. I swear, I think if Michael had his way...he'd move to Louisiana tomorrow lol.

Denise, Diann, Aunt Betty and I standing in Diann's kitchen (I so freakin' love her kitchen, it's gorgeous!!)

It runs in the family!

Ok, that's it for today. favorite part...the gumbo cook off. Whew...I had a blast there, and worked my ass off lol. Thanks for sharing my trip with me!


Dee Stephens said...

fun post! I was wondering how you got the black eye.
My freshman year of college my best friend and I were in the big Greek Bar at LSU when a bunch of frat guys got into a fight. A bottle went flying and hit my best friend in the face. She had a black eye too for a while. Painful indeed!

MiMi said...

It's so cool you got to see family you hadn't seen in forever!
But it looks like you got the crap beat outta you. lol

Meeko Fabulous said...

I don't think I've ever had a black eye and I know I've never broken a bone either. ::knocks on wood:: LoL! All in all, you had a great time though, right? Glad you're back home safe. :)

Marguerite said...

Great pics, love all of them, so far! What a blast ya'll had! I SO wish I could have been there! But, when you're not used to the Cajun partying anymore, it can be a bit much, at times. lol It made me sad to see the pics of your beautiful face all black and blue and green! Bless your heart! Sure hope you're healing up, now! Loved the last post, too, and can't wait to hear more!

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