Update on my trip home...and Pics!

September 29, 2010

Hi everyone, man how I've missed blogging. But, I'm home and I'm having a blast! I wanted to share some pics of my trip! I've got a bunch so I'll only put a few here for now! I've been posting them all on FB for those of you who are on my friends list!

Leiah and I were supposed to meet up this past weekend but she's been having a really rough go of it the last couple of weeks and couldn't make it. If y'all know her, go by and show her some love!!

Here's the pics that I've got for now!

These are just some of the foods that I've been eating since I got here. Yes people, I'm going to weight a damn ton by the time I leave here!

 This a a half of a cheese burger Poboy from Bon Creole. There are three burgers on this thing! Can you imagine a whole one? Whew! I couldn't even eat half of it (thank God!) but dang was it good! Y'all know I'm not big on seafood, but if you're ever in New Iberia, Louisiana then you've got to stop at Bon Creole. Look at their shrimp poboy... (again, this is a half of one of their poboys!!!)

Yes! There really is that much shrimp on one of them! It's literally falling off!! This is a whole seafood poboy from Bon Creole...

 Boudin balls. This was the first thing I went and got to eat after getting into town. I could live off of these, no lie! If you don't know what boudin is, this is what it looks like....

 Boudin is a "sausage" that has rice and pork with green onions and seasonings in it. It's almost like "dirty rice" sausage. They take it out of the casing and then batter it and fry it to make boudin balls. They taste like heaven!!

Crispy chicken LoMein from Kim's! They just don't know how to make Chinese food in North Carolina people!

 And I couldn't forget their chicken fried rice!

My brother in law's famous beef spare ribs bbq'd. So damn yummy!

This past friday night they had the boat parade for the sugar cane festival and my sister and her husband had a party at their house. They have their yacht parked behind their house on the bayou and we all climbed aboard and watched the parade and bbq'd! Tomy (my BIL) bbq'd some hot tamales! I wish I would have taken some pics of them. They tasted amazing! I wish I would have taken pics!!

Like I said y'all, I'm gonna weigh a damn ton by the time I get home lol!

I'd planned on posting more pics than just food pics, but I'm getting tired and I've got to get up kind of early tomorrow! Gonna see if I can talk my bff into going hiking with me at my favorite spot! I'll be sure to take lots of pics!

I miss y'all!!


That One Mom said...

Yum! Now I'm hungry. It's difficult at best to find a good Po'Boy in MN.

Tamara aka Cheapskate Mom said...

Mmmm you are making me so hungry! I swear my ass just got fatter looking at those pictures!

Glad you are having a good time!!

{Kimber} said...

you made the most of this trip didn't ya!?! haha

I love it!

MiMi said...

I've gained weight just by looking at all this delicious stuff!
I had a seafood poboy when I was in NO and it was soooooo good.

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