Well Shit...

May 13, 2010

sonna be a random one. Got a few things going on in this head of mine...kinda scattered so be patient with me.
Lol...or not.

Hubby may be getting laid off from his night job soon. This is his "permanent" job. This is the job he's worked since I moved here. It's scary. Scary as hell. It will be SO NICE to have him home at night, to be able to actually spend some time with him where he's not so exhausted he can't see straight. To not have to worry about him because I know he's so damn tired. But it's scary. Scary as hell.

His day job can't give him a guarantee of how long his job there will last. They pay him much better than the night job, which is nothing to shake a stick at itself. But his classes could be over tomorrow. We never know. As of right now there is a waiting list of 105 students waiting to take his class, so in the back of my mind I know his job is secure...for now. I mean 12 students per class, 105 waiting...yeah, he'll be there for a while.

I know hubby is ready, he's so ready for a break. He's also worried. He told his supervisor at his night job that if it comes down to him (hubby has the most seniority in his division) and someone with kids, give the job to the person with kids. (Yeah...he's a good guy!!) I'm so proud of him. I think he just wanted to have more of his truck and the Harley paid off before this job ended. We'll be fine though.

My Sister called me today. Her and her hubby will be in South Carolina next month (they're going to some friends wedding) and asked if Don and I would like to go meet them for the weekend. I'm so freakin' excited. A weekend away with Mr Luvah Luvah sounds amazing. A weekend with Diann and Tomy sounds twice as amazing. I don't think my family (in Louisiana) realize how much I miss them. Seeing them once a year isn't easy for me. So I'm really hoping that Don and I will be able to go. If not, I think I'll be heartbroken!

Now that I know how to design my own blog layouts...I'm addicted. I'll design a layout, spend two or three days working on it and then want to change it up again. I'm itching to make myself a new design. I've got visions of something white, something bright. Lol...y'all are gonna get tired of me changing it up.

I cleaned house all day today. I swear, I'll never understand how to people and two dogs can have so much laundry. Speaking of dogs....oh my word....they drove me effin' nuts today. It's like having toddlers  all over again damn it. I'm done with that shit...or so I thought.

You guys should really check this blog out.  It's called Dirty Cajuns, they're organizing volunteer efforts down in the coastal areas of Louisiana that are being affected by the huge mess BP is making in the Gulf of Mexico. It's very interesting to see how people pull together when they're needed.

There are lots of things that I miss about Louisiana. One of the main things (besides the food) is my favorite radio station. Every day they have the "5 o'clock blast off" and every Friday they have the "Weekend blastoff." They play the greatest old school music during these shows. Especially on Fridays....whew...love that shit! I've been listening to it every afternoon on my laptop. If you're in the mood for some good (old school) music, tune into 94.5 KSMB every weekday at 5!

Ok y'all...that's all I've got for now Mais chere'!


Dee said...

Sorry to hear about the layoff. Times are really tough right now. :( I hope you get to meet up with your family. I know how you feel missing someone who you can't see very often. It stinks!

Tracie said...

Sorry your husband is getting laid off. I wish I knew how to do blog designs - I'd be changing it around all the time, too.

Christina Lee said...

Lots of hopes and hugs coming your way!

singedwingangel said...

Ok the lay off seriously sucks BUT the perks of having him home are wonderful. And yeah I tell ya I would take every weekend and night I could get with those eyes of his lol.

The Princess of Sarcasm said...

Hope things work out with the job. I'm about ready for this recession to be over!!

June said...

Keep us informed on what transpires with Hubs job! He is a good man and must be a great teacher if he has 105 students waiting to take his class!

It's been a random week for me...my thoughts are banging around all over the place!!!

Adoption of Jane said...

I like your new layout!!

Sux about the layoff :( hope it works out soon.

Macey said...

Ugh! The layoff is bad news. But, hello, how the hell NICE is your HUSBAND for saying that about giving it to a person with children?!
I can't even believe that. That is SOOOO sweet. You gots a good one, missy. :)

{Kimber} said...

I know Louisiana misses you!!!!

the oil spill is awful...just makes my stomach ache everytime I hear about it :(

glad that you are getting to visit with your fam!! that's awesome :)

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