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May 4, 2010

If you're looking for good lighting you should really check out this site.   I've been looking for some new lamps. I found these that I really like.

The blue would look really great with the quilt that I've gotten. I'm thinking about ordering them, just want to ask Don what he thinks of them.

About a month ago I bought a new quilt for our bedroom. I'd been buying those really nice Jacquard kind of comforters, but with two small dogs...every time they'd go in my room (they love to go wake "Daddy" up!) they'd end up pulling strings on the comforter.

Last year Don bought me a gorgeous comforter set at JC Penny's, we paid $250 for the damn thing and within a month it was destroyed by my damn dogs...anyway, that's why I decided on a quilt this time. The only problem is that nothing in my room matches the quilt. So I'm slowly replacing everything. Curtains, dust ruffle, sheets...everything.

Mother's day came early for me. Yesterday I got a package in the mail. Don ordered me a bonsai tree charm for my charm bracelet, it was too big for the bracelet so I put it on a chain. He also told me to go get the sewing machine that I'd been drooling over. I haven't sewed in forever so it's gonna take me a while to learn how to use this thing properly but I can't wait to get started. I didn't think to buy some thread and bobbins when I bought it, I just assumed that it came with some...it didn't lol.

Here's the machine I bought...

This weekend Don and I have to go to VA to pick up a bunch of Juniper bushes that he's buying (for bonsai's) so we're gonna hit up a fabric store (how can there NOT be a fabric store here??) so I can get started! I'm excited.

Then Rusty called me last night and asked me what I wanted for mother's day. I told him about this really cool mother's ring that I found so he gave me his credit card info and said "order it!" Yay! Lol... Look how gorgeous this is...

It was pretty easy for me birthstone wise... (I wanted to include Don and his girls in my ring too) Don's birthday is the day after Rusty's, and his youngest daughter C's birthday is less than a week before theirs! His oldest daughter's bday is four days after mine. So I got one for August, one for September, and one for April (the month we got married). So mine will be green, blue, and white. I can't wait till it comes in!

What do you want for Mother's day?


WhisperingWriter said...

That is such a pretty ring!

MiMi said...

I want all of the stuff you said you got. I didn't even know I wanted it until I read this post. Now I do. Thanks!

{Kimber} said...

you have TOTALLY racked up for Mother's Day!! and very deserving I'm sure :)

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