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February 25, 2010

In yesterday's first entry I asked everyone to leave questions that they wanted to ask me and I would post them in my entry today. Thank you to all who left questions, you're the best. Before I answer those questions I have to talk about my second entry yesterday (Yes, I was a blog whore lol).

I wrote up yesterday's entry during one of my pity parties for myself because I was having a flare up with the fibromyalgia. I wasn't going to post it because I didn't want to come off whiny (even though that's what it was), but a couple of people said I should post it, that they didn't know much about Fibromyalgia. So I posted it.

This morning when I ran to my laptop, oh the withdrawals got up I noticed that I had a new follower, so I went and checked out her blog. Bethany is an amazing woman who's strength and faith has inspired me. I'm her new biggest fan. Please...take the time to read her blog, remember to click on the links on the sidebar.

Here I wrote up this big whiny entry about having chronic pain and then I read her story and I realize that I have nothing to complain about. I don't think I "heard" her complain once in that journal. Her spirit truly amazed me.  Really Bethany....YOU ROCK SISTA!

Now...on to the questions that my followers asked:

WannabeVirginia  asked:   Why did you move to North Carolina?
I moved to North Carolina after my husband and I met online. We talked online (and on the phone) for a year before we decided to meet in person. The day he bought his ticket to come to Louisiana to meet me he also bought my plane ticket to move up here. I moved her 19 days after we met.

If you were on a sinking ship with your husband and child who would you save and Why?
Well since my husband was a sailor (navy) for 26 years I would have to say my son. He's young and has a lot of life left to live.

Meeko Fabulous asked: What's your favorite movie? 
This is a hard one. I'm a crazy movie person lol. I loved The Hangover. Top Gun (cheesy I know), and The Last Samurai and the first one's that popped into my head.

What do you like on your pizza? 
Well I LIKE pepperoni with mushrooms and black olives, but hubby wont eat that "crap" so we usually just order a meat lovers which is OK with me.

If you were stranded on a desert island . . . What could you abso-freakin-lutely not be able to live without??? :) 
Welllll...I'm guessing I can't have my hubby or son with me right? Then it would have to be my Ipod touch with a lifetime supply of batteries. I would say a book but you can only read the same book so many times before you'd go effin' nuts. :0}

Danica asked:  Have you ever been to Ohio? :-)
Actually I haven't, which is surprising! Growing up an Army brat I've lived in almost every state in the US, Ohio wasn't one of them though lol. 

Chelle asked: What's your favorite nail polish color? 
It's funny you asked this one. My nails are naturally long but to keep them long I have to keep polish on them at all times or they'll break. I'm notoriously known for my bright pink nails. Lol...bubble gum pink, fusha, hot pink, neon pink. But in the fall and winter months I wear "warmer" colors.

What's your favorite shampoo/cond/or hair product?
My hair is usually a bit dry and even when it's not I still use a good moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. I usually use Bed Head Dumb Blonde. Sometimes I switch it up and use Pantene.

Are you afraid of anything? What? 
YES! The dark! Lol...I know that sounds so childish but I can't stand going outside after dark unless someone is with me. My Sisters were evil always torturing  playing jokes on me and locking me in the basement (the light switch was on the outside of the basement door). Yeah so...I'm scared of the dark. While I'm at it...spiders. Eww eww eww!!

 What type of books do you read? Do you have a fave? 
I usually read mystery/crime type books. I do have a few favorites. James Lee Burke is my absolute fav! He is from my hometown (New Iberia) in Louisiana and his main character is a detective with the Iberia Sheriff's Department. It's really cool to read his books and know exactly what he's talking about when he's describing a certain place he's at! (you should check out his books! love them!!)

James Patterson. Holy hell this man puts out some books. They're always a bit suspenseful. I like books that make me want to get to the next page.

Nicholas Sparks. I don't usually do the whole sappy romance novels but I like his. He's from North Carolina and his books are usually set in NC! 

OK...that's it for all the questions! I just want to brag on my hubby a bit! Apparently when we left the hotel on Monday I left my phone charger there. Last night hubby got on Ebay at work and ordered me a new one. I sent him a text message last night and told him that my Norton (antivirus) expired. I got up this morning and there was a note on top of my laptop that said "Updated your Norton for you, Love you!" How he finds time to do stuff like this while working two jobs (16 hours a day) amazes me. The man takes care of me y'all!





The Boob Nazi said...

I'm sorry I didn't ask a question! I looked at my google reader at work, and I couldn't click over to comment, and then I forgot all whose blogs I read haha. But I love when people do this! It's so interesting.

Meeko Fabulous said...

Awww! That is so sweet of him! And I totally love mushroom & pepperoni pizza (no olives for me)!

Leiah said...

Girl, I love me some Dave Robicheaux too! My daddy read them first and got me hooked on them. Have you seen "In The Electric Mist"...the movie with Tamale Lee Jones that's based on the JLB book? It's pretty should check it out.

I still need to get over there and get my blingage. Hopefully tonight I'll have some time to do that - I promise I haven't forgotten or ignored it!

EL said...

Interesting questions and good answers! Thats so nice that you are okay with your hubbys choice of pizza, I love pizza & am too picky to compromise sometimes lol! Im a new follower I dont know if your still taking questions but I'd love to know how you feel about Louisiana, I might go to school there! Have a good day!
P.s. your layout is so cute!

Dual Mom said...

Ahhh hubby sounds like a sweetheart! Does he clean bathrooms too?

Once A Mother said...

I love that you and your hubs had a crazy impulsive start to your relationship. Hubs and I met while living in Florida and each went back home to our respective states some 1200 miles apart. He moved up here shortly thereafter. When you know it is right, it is just right.

I love Sparks' books about NC too. Makes me want to live there. Sounds beautiful!

Aleta said...

How sweet of your husband to do those things for you! It's thoughtfulness like that - makes the day brighter :)

Enjoyed reading your answers!

Gen said...

what a wonderful hubby! sounds nice...mine will be home soon from working far away...we'reall thrilled!

Danielle said...

So I was going to comment on your fibromyalgia post but I had a friend that has it and told me that she used some supplement and it was the only thing that made her feel better. I emailed her and was going to comment as soon as I heard back, but she still hasen't gotten back to me yet. I will let you know as soon as I hear from her.

Chelle said...

I loved your answers!! I love bright colored pink nail polish, love Bed Head products and I'm afraid of the dark.

I KNEW you were my long lost sister!


LMJ said...

GREAT HUSBAND!! I do all the computer updates in the house!

Thanks for answering my questions!

{Kimber} said...

what a sweet husband!!

June said...

I am doing the whole "back tracking" on your blog - what fun!

Ward & I met online too! Been the best 10 years of my life so far.

Gonna go and check out James Lee Burke... love me a good mystery!

My all time favorite book is Monkey Wrench by PJ Tracy - Great read if you ever bump into on a used book rack, grab it!

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