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February 21, 2010

I figured that I would try to upload some of the pics that I've taken so far. I'll post pics from the wedding tomorrow (hopefully).


I can't remember if I mentioned Ms South Bronx (hotel manager) in my last entry. This is her changing the doorknob on our balcony door.


I think I pissed her off when I started taking these pics. I tried to play it off like I was taking pics of the beach but I don't think she bought it.


Mr Man wearing a "Bubba Mullet" hat. We were just walking around going to all the souvenir shops! Mr Man is bald lol. When we got back to our room we started talking about how funny it would be if he showed up to the rehearsal, we knew his daughter would love it and laugh her butt off. We went back and bought the hat lol.


That's right ladies and gentlemen. It is illigal to cuss on Virginia Beach. In the words of Ms South Bronx "You can get a fucking $500 fine for fucking cussing on fucking Virginia Beach!" I wish I was kidding when I say that, but those were her exact words lol! When we couldn't get our balcony door open on the first night she told us to "just kick the fuckin' door in!" Lol...she was "colorful" to say the least!


Yeah we finally got the balcony door open!


I should have taken my glasses off, and what in the hell is up with my hair?


The bride and groom will be getting married under this awesome glass sculpture. I'm scare to stand under the damn thing lol.


I love me some Bubba Mullet! Lol... Mr Man and I at the rehearsal.



Serious much? Lol...Bride, Groom, Bubba Mullet Father of the Bride.


Blimp flying over the beach.


A big ass prop.


The Norwegian Lady



Even with the goofy ass hat his blue eyes still stand out. I get lost in them.


I would say can my cheeks get any fatter but I know the answer to that!


Mr Man on the balcony.


I tried to take a sneaky shot of the bride and groom (in the background).


Me and the mother of the bride (Mr Man's ex). She's a super cool chick and we get along great! People usually freak out that we like each other so much!


Mr Man, his daughters and their Mom. The bride is the second from the right.


Family ties.


Mr Man and his oldest daughter.


The bride had on real shoes. She normally wears flip flops and only flip flops. Even in the middle of winter. We had to have a pic of this! She's even wearing flip flops under her wedding dress.


King Neptune on the Virginia Beach boardwallk. Can you tell how huge this thing is??


King Neptune again. Those frickin' people wouldn't get out of the way so I could get a good shot.


Boneshakers Saloon is our favorite biker bar in Virgina Beach.

These next few are some statues on the boardwalk that are dedicated to the Navy and all of the Sailors.







That's all the pics I have for now! I'm sure I'll have a bunch from the wedding that I'll post sometime within the next couple of days. We had a seagull this morning that decided to camp out on our balcony that I think I got a couple of great shots of! 

Holy shit...they're getting married today lol!

Much love... 

Oh btw...we still do NOT  have hot water. We're pissed about that! Never stay at the Comfort Inn on Virgina Beach! 



The Boob Nazi said...

hahaha I love that you put up the pictures of the landlady!

LMJ said...

These were great! My fave have to be the ones from the lady fixing the lock!!! XD

Leiah said...

That's a Dale Chihuly piece of glass sculpture ~ I'd know one of his masterpieces anywhere. Love him! Looks like everyone's had a good time so far...minus the hot water of course. Can't wait to see more pictures!

Danica said...

LOve the photos!!! You look so happy. Can't wait to see photos of the wedding!

BTW LOVE the mullet hat! HA

Danielle said...

You like biker bars and like the ex. I think we would be great friends. Wish we could hang out!
Love the pics

HeatherLynn said...

Good luck at the wedding! don't you just love Virginia beach!?! that's crap about the hot water! CRAP i tell you!

And kick the patio door in...um, aren't they normally glass?! did they want you to cut yourself to smithereens and sue them or what?

that's just not good sense....Virginia beach was the first beach/ocean I'd ever been to! I remember it fondly, even though it was after a hurricane and the water was dirty and violent, it was still special to me, always will be.

Anyway, looking forward to future pictures!

Hope you and Mullet man have a great time!


Meeko Fabulous said...

That King Neptune is bad ass! Oh . . . And . . . Um . . . I would totally get fined on that beach . . . I take after my grandma and dad . . . Yea . . . They cuss like sailors . . .

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