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February 11, 2010

*I'm missing Mardi Gras...again. The state of Louisiana comes alive during Mardi Gras season. Louisiana MG IS a season! I can just hear the music, it makes me miss "home!"

*My ovaries are hurting...I don't have ovaries anymore. They call them ghost pains, I call it a bunch of bullshit! I had all that shit cut out, why in the hell do I have to cramp as if I'm on my period when I can't have one anymore. Pisses me off. I know there's just some evil bastard behind this. Fuckers.

*I had plans with a friend of mine to go to dinner tonight, we planned on going to have some Mexican because I'm craving guacamole and tequila. Not to mention that I need to get the fuck out of this house.  Said friend canceled on me. She's on a new anxiety med and it's making her nauseous. I mean really, a couple of shots of tequila and she'd have be nauseous anyway. Right? She's a nursing student, when she sent me the text message to cancel...she spelled nauseous wrong. Just sayin.....

*John Mayer was quoted as saying that sex with Jessica Simpson was like cocaine. Does that mean that she made his Mr Happy numb? Does that mean that sex with her is really fast?? I mean seriously... like the skinny bitch doesn't have enough going for her already? Yeah...she's the bomb in bed too. Great. Sex with me must be like weed then cause all we want to do afterward is go to sleep.

*John Mayer was also quoted as saying that his penis is racist. What the hell does that even mean? I tell you what it means. It means John Mayer should really shut the 'eff up already! Lol.... I'll be the first person to admit that I used to say the N word all the time. Not in a "racist" way (is there such a thing??), it was a term of endearment for me and my friends. I always thought it was in the context in which you used the word. When I met Mr Man (hubby) he let me know under no certain terms is that word ever OK. And you know what? He's right. That word isn't OK. I think that if Halle Berry was trying to throw "it" on John Mayer I'm guess neither he nor his penis would say no! I like his music, but he's an idiot! Someone should really tell him to shut up, look pretty and sing. Though have you ever seen him sing? He looks constipated when he sings, like he's in pain! It's funny...we're in pain when he talks, he's in pain when he sings. It's a no win situation!

*I had a tanning appointment today so I was sitting in the waiting room waiting for my turn and this 7 ft (dude was TALL) guy walking out, he'd just finished tanning. I'm 5'8" and he made me look fun sized y'all. Now you know Mr Jolly Green Giant didn't fit in that damn tanning bed. I never realized how many guys go tanning. I don't know why, but it freaks me out. What if their doodads get all leathery looking. Eww eww eww.

*I miss my Sisters. It seems they never have time to talk. Hell half the time they don't even answer when I call, I leave messages and they don't even bother to call back. I understand that their lives are busy. We didn't get along when we were younger, now that we do get along we never have time together. I would love nothing more than to take a weeks vacation (to anywhere) with the two of them. (It's actually one of the things on my bucket list!)

*I have this uber amazing green thumb. There aren't many houseplants that I can't grow. I probably have 20-25 houseplants in my house. They're all dying. My FIL keeps watering the damn things when I'm not home.

*Oh my godness...I have 49 followers! Awww y'all like me lol! I really appreciate all of you who take the time to read my drivel and comment! I can't wait to see who is my 50th.

*Gawd...I hate admitting this, I have a tramp stamp. Actually I have two lol. The first one was this stupid ass (and crooked) butterfly with a ribbon on each side of it. (here's the effed up butterfly! )

Love the muffin top right??

It was small. Last year for Valentine's Day Mr Man (hubs) got me a gift certificate for a tattoo. (He knew I'd been wanting to cover up the butterfly.) My Mom's name was Rose so I decided that I wanted to get 5 roses one for my Mom and each one of her kids. I also wanted for Rose buds. One for each of my Mom's grandkids. When I told the tattoo artist Jen what I wanted, we didn't discuss sizes of the cover up. It was frickin' HUGE y'all. Wait...let me find pics!

This was the first sitting. Already you can hardly see the butterfly. (Thank godness!) I'm no sissy by any means, but the lower back is one of the most painful places (so they say) to get a tattoo. When I had my second sitting Jen (tattoo artist) and her bf were feeding me vodka like it was water to help, all it did was make me drunk off of my ass lol!

Second sitting. Sore...and drunk!

Anyholymotherofgodthatshithurt...I've had two sittings so far the last one being March of last year. I still have a good section of the tattoo that isn't colored in.  I want to finish it but damn it effin' hurts lol. But I've decided that when the IL's leave I'm going to finish it. (Only because I'm itching for a new one and Mr Man said I have to finish this one first lol)

*Thursday seems to be the day that my thoughts are all over the place. To be perfectly honest with y'all, I'm "lonely!" I'm lonely for friends. Since I moved here I've made a few friends (only through the job I used to have) but nothing like the friends I used to have in LA. My best friend there and I were like two peas in a pod. We saw each other almost every single day. We went grocery shopping together, we did everything together! Not that there's anything wrong with the people here, they're just not the same as people in Louisiana. I miss it, terribly.

*Have I ever mentioned that I have ADHD?


*I don't know why but this one gets me every time!


*What in the hell did she think it was gonna smell like? Lol... 


Homesick Cajun said...

I'll apologize for the randomness of this entry lol!

The Boob Nazi said...

Your ovaries still hurt after they're gone?!?!? WTF.

Deelsu said...

that is one big ass tattoo!

Leiah said...

Just so you know, Mardi Gras parade was cancelled tonight in NOLA due to sleet. It's official -- Hell has frozen over. Geaux Saints - Who Dat!

April (Mama is on the Potty) said...

I am from SC. My hubby is from LA. I love LA! I love NO. We have been back several times. We are planning on moving down there as soon as my older kids get of age (their dad is here in SC and I won't take them away from him).

I am glad I found ya!!! Come check me out if ya get a chance...

Danielle said...

I flipping love the new tattoo. Can't wait to see it when it is done.

Jamie said...

I love your posts! They crack me up, I'm so happy you are blogging regularly again. Wouldn't that be cool if more of the old crew would come back and blog? I miss some of those people!

Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

Oh my gosh....I so needed to come to your blog today!

First...the John & Jessica entry cracked my shit up!!!

Second....I LOVE your tattoo!!!

Third...I need girl time...I need to husband has been pissing me off lately!!

starnes family said...

Loving the randomness. Keep it coming!

Missing LA, too. :( I need a Hurricane and an afternoon (turned evening turned 5am departure) at Pat O'Briens. I don't care how "local" I became. I treasured Pat O's!

Dual Mom said...

Ok, let me take a moment until the room stops spinning.

Damn THAT is randomness.

L.O.V.E the tat. Seeing that makes me want to get my whole carpe diem thing as a tramp stamp.

Sorry you're missing home and friends. Friends make all the difference sometimes. I'd so drink with you if I could!

John is an f'tard.

Miss Fanny said...

I miss Louisiana too. One of my co-workers is leaving for New Orleans in the morning and has been rubbing it in. I am so jealous. Miss my mardi gras moon pies and RC colas.

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