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February 17, 2010

I have a young couple (19-20ish) that I used to work with coming to stay at my house for the weekend to watch my dogs. I can't even begin to tell you how paranoid I am just thinking about it. What if they have a party and destroy my house (I'll kill someone lol), I mean what if I come home and both my dogs are knocked up and shacking up with some mutt in their cages?

Can you imagine the possible scenarios that are going through my brain at this very moment? No?? Let me list a few for you!

*Have you seen the house party movie? Weird Science movie? Think of any movie in where teenagers have a wild house party and destroy said house.

*They find certain *toys* that I don't want them to find. No one needs to know that my toy is red, with glitter and has hearts on it. Shut's cute! Lmao...

*They find certain lotions, potions and other creams. Just because...eww!

*That I come home to a filthy house and a sink full of dishes

I cleaned my house like a mad woman yesterday because they were supposed to come by so I could show them the ropes (because my dogs are Bebe's kids) and they ended up rescheduling for today. And know how we are, we HAVE to clean our house from top to bottom when someone is coming over. All of that for them to reschedule?? Do you think I'm going to be going around straightening up today? Hells yes damn it!

I'm worrying for nothing. They're good kids. They live with his Mom so I'm guessing that they'll be "playing house" all weekend, happy to have a place to themselves.

Now I'm gonna do a few What the hell Wednesday items:

Gummie Vitamins for adults - Grow the eff up and take you vitamins like a big girl/boy, and while your at it, put on your big girl panties! Geesh!

Prison Wives TV show - I'm too stunned for words. I cannot believe that there are women out there that would marry someone in prison but even worse why in the hell would they make a tv show out of it??

Ok...if said husband was Channing Tatum then I'd be a prison wife. Can ya blame me??



Ladies I could play music on those abs, seriously!! I'm not even gonna get started with those lips! 

I just had to google (because I don't use spellcheck, I'm crazy like that) how to spell the word before. I couldn't remember if it had an e at the end or not. What in the hell is wrong with me? I know how to spell, really I do. Lol.

Did you know how many fights there are at Chucky Cheese? Perez Hilton (oh shut up! you read him to right?) is always putting stories on his website about fights breaking out there. Lol...can you imagine the poor kiddies who's got all of their friends there celebrating their birthday with them and then all of a sudden all hell breaks loose?? Lol...when I googled it for the pic there is actually a youtube video of a fight there! Disturbing! That's like getting into a fight at Disney Land. It's supposed to be one of the happiest places on earth right?

My dogs literally slept all day yesterday. The had one trip outside to do their business. One. They never do that! And it looks like today is going to be a repeat. I have to hold a mirror under thier noses to make sure they're breathing lol.

Mr Man claims that I've been talking jibberish in my sleep lately, I think it's due to the ambien cr and the other two meds I take to sleep. I don't like not knowing what I'm saying. I mean really...what if I start talking about channing Tatum or some other (total) nonsense??


I mean I can't get in trouble for what the ambien cr makes me do right?


So now that I've overloaded you with my ADHD thoughts for the day I'll leave you (stop clapping damn it lol)  with this....thanks for stopping by, thanks for readind and thanks in advance for not judging me commenting and telling me how crazy funny I am! Lol... 



The Boob Nazi said...

I want your pugs. The are so cute!

Deelsu said...

where are you headed for the weekend?
Never heard of the prison show. Weird.

Meeko Fabulous said...

Another Channing Tatum fan, huh? He DM'd me on Twitter once. :) Jealous???

Leiah said...

Channing Tatum?...let me just say I would drink his bathwater. Gawd he's hot!

The Girl Next Door Grows Up said...

Not to worry you or anything, but we left our 2 dogs this summer with our BFF. He is 52, what can happen, right???

The dogs pooped in the house 2 times!!!!! They have never, ever done that, ever!

It was awful.

The girl with the flour in her hair said...

Yup...pretty crazy! ;) Personally, Chuck E. Cheese makes me want to punch someone too, so I understand that.

And those Channing Tatum pictures?? Thank you for that. Think he Manscapes??? :)

Erin said...

Yes, Ambien can make you do all kinds of crazy things! Some people even eat in the night w/o remembering!

p.s. relax about the dog sitters. it will all be okay!

Homesick Cajun said...

None of my comments are showing up on here today! I have no idea why!

Danica said...

OMG I so would wonder the same thing with the people who are watching your party! We have boyfriend's oldest daughter coming in from out of state and I am terrified that when I return back to work she'll have parties during the day, find my toy stash and find my CC number! HA

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I'm way too paranoid to have someone stay in my house (mostly the toy reason)!
I had never heard of fights at Chuck E Cheese, so weird! But I refuse to read Perez's site, not that I am against gossip blogs, I LOVE me some celeb gossip, I just disagree with his outing of celebs, it's their thing to do, not his

NOELLE said...

LMAO! This post is funny! Your pictures and what goes through your mind goes through everyone's minds. Thanks for commenting on my blog earlier! I like your site.

June said...

I remember once having someone stop by the house and my bed wasn't made! It was a Saturday morning and I blew it off. Man, that just drove me crazy that they saw my bad unmade!

My Mom raised us kids in a clean house and I am very much like her in that sense. Thankfully so is Ward.
Pinkus on the other hand... he is a slob - drives me freaking crazy!

ADD? It's what keeps me moving!

Danielle said...

Channing Tatum Is the hottest man alive! And now I can't think!

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