Randomness Like Only I Can Do...

April 23, 2013

* Holy cow, two blog post in one week? Someone better make sure I'm not running a fever or anything lol.

* I must admit, I do miss blogging. I've lost my mojo. I'm guessing people reading my blog and thinking every snarky statement I make is about them has had something to do with that. Whatever.

* This weekend my Son and his GF are going out of town for a mudding event and they've ask Mr Luvah Luvah and I if we would keep the baby. We are so freakin' excited! They're going to drop her off Thursday night and pick her up Sunday morning.

* This is the first time they've let us have her for an entire weekend. She's only spent the night with us once. We're beyond excited.

* If all goes well Thursday night then my Godchild and I are going to take Peyton and her baby Gabrielle to the zoo for the day. 

* Saturday there's a huge festival here that I've never been to that Hubby really wants to go to so I think we're going to load up the stroller and go check out all of the wonderful music!

* This morning at 6 am when Mr Luvah Luvah left for work it was 70 degrees. I love Louisiana.

* Friday is our wedding Anniversary. It's amazing, I'm more in love with my husband than I ever thought possible. I know that he supports me 100% and he's got my back no matter what. Which is exactly how it should be! I do the same for him.

* We're probably just going to go out to dinner...shit I just realized we agreed to babysit on the weekend of our anniversary lol.

* I'm getting Hubby a cook book that he's been wanting since Xmas. He's going to be excited. He's getting me clothes lol. He told me to pick out what I wanted and since I'm a clothes whore...

* In three months it will be the one year anniversary of our moving to Louisiana. I'm so glad to be home. I'm so thankful that Hubby has adjusted to living here as well as he has.

* He loves EVERYTHING about living here. The weather, the food, the people. He says he'd never move back to the East Coast.

* Honestly, I worried about him moving here. I didn't know if he was going to like it. I'm so glad he does!

* Breakfast for supper tonight. One of our favorite meals!

Well, that's my randomness for the day!


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